Patrick  Côté  -  Founder, CEO and Chief Operator

Pioneering the drone filming industry in 2012 in Montreal, Patrick has set the standard for a successful drone aerials business as early as 2013.  Among the top pilots in the industry, he has thousands of flight hours logged internationally operating for TV, commercials and movies. Patrick's name alone is a director's quality assurance on any production set.      

Marie-Noelle Paradis - CFO, Project Manager

Marie has been involved in the drone business since the inception. She is intimately versed in operations, client-to-team communication and legal framework, making sure all our flying permits are in line with production requirements. Mother of two, she is our teams' guardian angel.  

David Marcotte - Aerial DP, Operator

With over 10 years of DP experience in commercial, documentary and TV production David adopted new aerial filming technology from its dawn.  He has an affection for operating drones in adverse condition and takes pride in it. More important than his flight time log is his ability to listen and adopt to a director's vision.

Benjamin Granet - Stabilized Head Specialist, Operator

What a pro pilot is for a drone, Benjamin is for a camera gimbal. Having worked for countless movies and commercials, he makes sure your stabilization system is well rigged, balanced and does not fail mid-take on an expensive production set.

Nikolai Yur – Drone Prod Assistant, Photographer, Operator

Devoting himself to the drone industry since 2013, Nikolai knows in depth all aspects of drone production assistance on set. With Nikolai prepping the gear, we know we can concentrate all our energy on the shot. Having a photography background, he is also in charge of  behind the scenes moments.